What You Need To Know About Moving Day

Some relocation pointers from the team at PSS International Removals….

The moment has finally arrived. You’ve got your tickets, your passport and your visa. You’ve got your new destination; be it Australia, Canada or South Africa. Now you’ve got to ship your beloved sofa and much-loved paintings thousands of miles away, hoping that you’ll see them again in a completely new space and time.

If you’ve picked a reliable, experienced removal company to help you make the leap there your moving day should run smoothly. However there are a few things you need to know to make sure your moving day goes as smooth as possible.

If you live on a busy street with limited parking you’ll need to inform the local council prior to the move and ask them to suspend the relevant bays so removal lorries can park easily. Ask your Move Manager for advice about the size of bay that needs to be reserved. As a guide – a shared container 1-2 bays, 20ft container 3-5 bays (allows for our vehicle and container plus loading space), 40ft container 5-7 bays (allows for our vehicle and container plus loading space).

If you’ve hired a packing service make sure someone is present during the packing process, not to do any packing or heavy lifting but purely just in case there are any queries or change of hearts about taking certain items. They can sit back and let the experts wrap, box and cover. Your belongings are travelling many miles and it is important that they are packed using the correct materials. You will also receive an inventory list once everything is packed.

If you have packed yourself, it’s vital you also create your own inventory list to ensure you know where everything is and exactly what you’ve packed once you get to your new home. Don’t be afraid to embrace checklists and colour coding too!

Your goods will be then loaded onto the lorry or container. 90% of full containers are loaded at your home but this may be different if you are only using a part container service. In this case your removal company will generally take the goods away before they are loaded for shipment back at the depot.

Make sure you have explained what’s going to happen to the kids or other family members. Moving day can be quite emotional so make sure everyone understands what’s happening and the processes involved to ensure it goes without a hitch.

Don’t forget to ensure your pets are being looked after too. If they are travelling with you, perhaps ask a family member to look after them during the packing and moving process. You don’t want to add any extra stress to their imminent journey.

Lastly make sure you look after yourself too. A big move can be stressful so make sure you are prepared with food and drinks and take the time to enjoy this exciting new adventure for you and your family.


PSS International Removals is a family run company and our desire is to ensure your family receive a friendly, professional and stress free overseas move. We have specialised in international removals for over 33 years, so whether you are planning on sending a full or part household removal, excess baggage or a vehicle we recognise the importance in ensuring that our customers receive the same level of care and attention that we would expect ourselves. 


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