Welcome to the Newly Launched World of Expats

The World of Expats aims to become The First Destination for Expats, providing the most comprehensive expert advice and practical guidance from expats themselves to support at every stage of the expat experience.  Featuring informative guides covering over 170 destinations, over 5,000 pages of content, a Directory of leading service providers, the World of Expats Community, Expat News, our monthly newsletter, tips from Expats themselves and all the expert advice you’ll need for every step of the way.                                       

Over the next few months World of Expats will become the source for the most comprehensive expert advice, practical guidance from expats themselves and tools to support you at every stage of your experience from your early investigation of the potential to become an expat through to the process of relocating and adjusting to your new life in your new home.  It will also provide information to help you make the most of your time as an expat and issues to address if you choose return to your home country.

Our destination guides are available to help you orientate yourself prior to relocating to your new home together with the information you need to plan your relocation.  It includes advice that will help you choose where to live, get connected to essential services, identify options for educating any accompanying family, understand local finance and healthcare arrangements, build awareness of local customs and business practices and manage everyday living issues.  

We are building an active community of expats as well as providing you with information and advice.  Please sign up to join the World of Expats Community to:

  • gain access to the destination information
  • contact other expats in your planned or new home destination and in groups who share your interests
  • receive regular newsletters and hear news of upcoming events

As well as the information on specific destinations we will provide:

  • What Takes you Abroad – information to help you become an expat by advising how to find a job in your chosen destination, how to set up a business abroad, how to invest in a property abroad, what is involved in retiring overseas or if you are accompanying your partner.
  • Expat Advice – expert advice on every aspect of the expat experience
  • World of Expats Community – a forum where you can ask for advice, share information and make social connections in your new destination as well as with expats around the world with shared interests.
  • Expat Tips – practical advice from expats letting you know what they wish they had known before they relocated or have picked up while living as an expat (please submit your own Expat Tips and share your experience with other members of the World of Expats Community),
  • Service Directory – a comprehensive range of service providers there to help you in every aspect of the expat experience rated by the World of Expats Community.
  • Events - Two day shows in key cities in the UK and USA with a comprehensive range of exhibitors, seminars and workshops ensuring expats can get access to the best possible first hand advice

Not everything will be available on day one, but we will aim to build the Service Directory, bring you more advice from a wider range of experts over coming months, so please keep coming back.   We will be announcing many new innovations over the next few months as we constantly look to make the site more valuable to you as a current or intending expat.  Sign up now to join the World of Expats Community and we will keep you informed as we introduce new information and services.