U.S. Expats Important Tax Filing Deadlines

April 15th Has Past – What Now?

U.S. Expats Important Tax Filing Deadlines


Even though April 15th has passed, don’t worry, you still have time to file your U.S. taxes. As an American living abroad, you receive an automatic extension of time to file to June 15th. But don’t delay – now is the time to get your United States tax affairs in order. There are some important dates left in 2015 that you want to keep handy so that you do not let the deadline slip by.


April 15th – This is the regular deadline for filing tax returns and the date on which any tax liabilities are due. While you receive an extension of time to file, any taxes owed would begin to accrue interest after this date.


June 15th– This is the typical Expat filing deadline. You are allowed an automatic extension to June 15th if, on the regular April 15th filing deadline, you are living outside of the U.S.


June 30th– If you own foreign accounts, you are by now very familiar with the possible need to report those accounts on the ominous FBAR report. June 30th is the date when this form must be filed, and to top it off there are absolutely no extensions available. For that reason, make sure you prioritize getting your bank account details in order early so you don’t have to scramble around in mid-June to get the information you need.


October 15th– So you aren’t ready to file your tax return by June 15th? Not to worry, you are able to formally request an extension to October 15th to get your tax information in order. To file for this extension you will simply need to complete and send in Form 4868 by the original due date of your return.  


You can avoid additional penalties and interest by filing and paying tax on time. If you are an Expat, just remember that interest on unpaid tax liabilities starts to accrue starting April 16th and penalties start on June 16th. If looking to file an extension, you will want to make sure to include payment of any estimated tax amounts in order to minimize the accumulation of penalties and interest.


Sound like a lot of dates to remember? H&R Block Expat Tax Services is here to help! If you are in need of assistance with filing your tax return, FBAR, or even just an extension, please just click here to send  an inquiry to H&R Block Expat Tax Services.