Transferring Money Overseas - Get the Best Currency Deal

Transferring Money Overseas – Get the Best Currency Deal

Article submitted by Moneycorp

Your bank will happily help you make international money transfers when emigrating because it charges you a fortune for the privilege. However, if you want to save money, choose to use a currency specialist like Moneycorp for your money transfers overseas. Not only will you get the best possible service, it will also cost you significantly less. You will also get access to free guidance and information on the exchange rates, a service the banks simply are not in a position to offer.

Why use a specialist company?

Better exchange rates

The rates on offer from a currency specialist can be significantly better than you can get from a high street bank, which on a large transfer will save you a huge amount of money. For example, on a £100,000 transfer overseas, you can save up to 4% on the exchange rate – this could mean savings of £4,000 by not using your bank. Regardless of the amount you are transferring overseas, however big or small, there are savings to be made.

Save more than you think

Yes, you can get a better exchange rate on your international money transfers with a specialist than you usually get with a bank, and the fees you pay to move that money abroad will be lower too. The transfer fees charged by the high street banks can be quite extortionate, around £25-£30 more. You will get charged this each time you need to move your money to an overseas account.

A service that helps you

Currency exchange rates are moving constantly, so trying to send your money at a time when you get the biggest benefit is tough to do. Using Moneycorp, you have access to free expert guidance from a personal account manager who will help you time your international money transfers when the exchange rates are in your favour.

Next steps

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