Top Tips for a Stress-Free Family Move – During the Move

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Family Move – During the Move

1. Toilet training issues.

If your child has recently been potty trained, consider putting them into pull-up nappies for the journey. The need for a potty/toilet can be pretty urgent at this stage, and it will reduce the stress for everyone if you don’t have to worry about it for the day. As long as you return to previous routines after the journey, it shouldn't have any long-term negative effects.

2. Pack each child their own small rucksack of special toys and activities.

Any comfort blanket / toy should be included within this bag, so it stays with the child throughout the journey. These will keep the kids occupied throughout the journey (and at their destination), and also help them to feel more secure. To add to the excitement, you could even wrap some small new toys up and let them pick one to open each hour of the journey.

3. Be prepared for travel sickness. 

If your child gets sick when travelling, it could be worth a visit to your doctor before leaving to get some medication for the journey. Even if they haven’t been sick before, it is well worth carrying a packet of wet wipes and a portable sick bag – just in case! There’s always a first time for travel sickness and it would be unfortunate if you find out that your child gets sick when you’re in transit without supplies!

4. Keep extra clothes handy.

Have at least one full set of clothes on standby for each child. A leaking drinks bottle, spilt food or sickness can all take their toll on a long journey. Wet wipes and ziplock bags can also come in handy!

5. Make sure (you and) the children are well rested before the journey.

Travelling is tiring, particularly for little children. They’re likely to get tired and might get grumpy as a result. If you’re already tired and stressed, fireworks could follow! Try to ensure everybody gets a good night’s sleep before you even begin travelling – it could save a lot of trouble later...

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Family Move – During the Move 

Article contributed by:  Marie Darlow, Marketing Director, The Relocation Consultancy