Top Tips For The Lead-Up To Your Moving Day

Some relocation pointers from the team at PSS International Removals….


Moving house is well known for being one of the most stressful things a person can do. Throw moving to another country into the mix and there is a whole new host of tasks to undertake. With that in mind we’ve put together a checklist to make sure the lead up to your moving day goes as smooth as possible.


Four weeks before

- Make sure you’ve had any necessary vaccinations to travel.

- Make sure you have travel insurance and health care insurance sorted

- Notify your council, energy suppliers and broadband providers of your move date and make a reminder to call on moving day with your final readings.

- Organise a redirection for your post.


Three weeks before

- Start clearing out your loft, garage and shed – you’ll always find there is more to sort out than you originally thought. Consider doing a car boot sale or donate anything you don’t need to take to charity.

- Confirm with your removals company about the key points for moving day.


Two weeks before

- Transfer or close your bank accounts depending on if it is a permanent move or a temporary move. If you are keeping your bank account open inform them of your new address and discuss the process involved to ensure you do not pay tax on any savings accounts while you are no longer a UK resident

- Start washing any old clothes, duvets and cushions to make sure everything is clean and ready to be packed

- Make sure all your documents are packed in a folder in a safe place so they don’t get lost with the packing process. This will include birth certificates, marriage certificates and passports. It may be worth taking a photo copy of each too.

- Start packing any bulky items or items you definitely won’t need to use prior to the move.


One week before

- Ramp up your packing and label boxes as you go (unless you have booked a packing service with your removals company who will do all that for you)

- Defrost your fridge and freezer

- Organise your foreign currency

- Organise a parking bay with the council for your removals van if you live on a busy street


One-two days before

- Pack your travel luggage, ensuring you have all your travel documents, medicines, passports, food and clothes

- Ensure everyone knows what they need to be doing on the big day and at what time.


On the day

- Double check all rooms before leaving to ensure you haven’t left something behind

- Call your energy suppliers with your last meter readings and provide them with your forwarding address

- Turn off the water and power and make sure the property is locked

- But most importantly try and enjoy your moving day, it can be stressful but try and think of it as an adventure.


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