What is TEFL Asia?

TEFL Asia is the opportunity to teach English as a Foreign Language in Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. When doing a TEFL course, you have the choice between an online course and an on location course. The Online course consists of 120 hours and comes with an online tutor, it gives you flexibility to learn when and where you want. However, the on location course takes between 3-4 weeks and offers you a lot more practical class room experience of teaching, but is more intense as you are expected to attend 5 days a week.

Why is it needed?

The English language is becoming increasingly more important to countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, as many people throughout the country rely on it for business. With such an influx of English speaking travellers coming into the countries (both expats and tourists alike), the ability to speak English offers all levels of society the opportunity to earn money as a direct result of their communication skills. In turn, the governments of these countries have realised that by raising the amount of people that can speak English within them, they can in fact, raise the economic status of the country on the whole.

The belief in this theory can be directly seen in recent Government policies within these countries. The Thai Government have passed a policy to ensure that in every school in the country, all children are taught English by a native English speaker for at least one hour a week. Similarly in Vietnam, the government have aimed to have the whole country at a B1 intermediate level in the European Common framework (at a conversational level in English).

How can it benefit you?

A TEFL qualification first and foremost, allows you to teach in a number of schools in not only Asia, but across the world. In addition to this, if you were interested in furthering your teaching qualifications, a TEFL qualification is often seen as ‘a passport’ to a PGCE. Although most TEFL courses do not include a placement in a school following your qualification, there are companies such as Invasion Jobs that place you in local Thai and Vietnamese for a minimum of 5 months. This placement will further benefit you, as working in a local school can help you develop a deeper understanding of the local community and culture. In addition to this, teaching English as a Foreign Language, can in fact be the perfect way to learn the local language with ease. Thus, as a result, at the end of a 5 month placement (at least), with a company such as Invasion Jobs, you can find yourself far more settled into the local community than anticipated.

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