Take A Shine To The Spanish Golden Visa

You can get a visa for Spain by making one of a number of simple investments in the country.

An integral economy in the European Union, Spain has up to date and hi-tech infrastructure for both business and living. This is vital to the 46 million inhabitants, in both cosmopolitan cities and stunning rural locations, all with various work and business needs.

As with Portugal, Malta and Greece (to name but a few), Spain hosts a scheme which allows for the provision of a visa in exchange for a certain amount of investment in the country.

The new law (introduced in 2013) offers a five-year visa of the Schengen region of Europe in order to encourage foreign and non-European investment in the country. The visa is offered initially on a one-year basis and can then be renewed every two years after that.

Spain is one of the quicker countries in allocating these visas and the average time to receive one is around fifteen working days once the investment conditions have been met.

Like any other country that offers these schemes, investors must be free of any criminal convictions and the money must not be from a country that is a fiscal island, but apart from that the rules are fairly open. There isn’t even a need for a minimum stay in the country, although it is recommended that you do abide by a self-imposed one in order to further your application process.

How to invest

Investment can be made even through a foreign company, provided that you can prove you own a majority of it. There are several investment options available to those seeking out a Golden Visa in Spain:

·         Invest in a company

·         Invest in the housing market

·         Invest in shares or cash at the bank

·         Invest in Spanish bonds

The first of these options is to simply invest in a company and increase employment. This is the easiest way to establish yourself as a potential candidate for a Golden Visa and the opportunities are abundant.

Barcelona is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe with many tech start-ups favouring the Catalan city, with a great deal of them looking for investment. With grand, historic architecture from such greats as Antoni Gaudi juxtaposed with sleek, chic, modern skyscrapers in a bustling city that sits right on the beach, it is not hard to see why it is such a popular choice for a company to set up in. The capital, Madrid, is also a European hub for banking and business.

Another option is to invest in the housing market, with either houses or flats acceptable for this purpose, and a minimum investment of five hundred thousand euros.

If this is not a market of interest there is also the allowance for the investment of one million euros in corporate shares or cash at a bank, but these must remain in place for at least five years.

Similarly, an investment of two million euros in Spanish bonds for five years will be just as acceptable.


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