Swiss Medbank

Your International Health Passport

While living abroad, be sure that you can easily access or provide access to your health records. If you are hospitalized, the doctor needs to know everything about your health and medical history as soon as possible if they are to reach an accurate diagnosis. When you are abroad this can be impossible to achieve quickly or at all.

SWISS MEDBANK provides you with an international, easy-to-use and highly secure solution to create and update your medical profile & history within minutes. For your own safety, MED’PROFILE enables doctors to save precious time, to make the right decisions, and to avoid medical errors and complications due to a lack of information.

The highest level of security is guaranteed to guard access your data stored in Switzerland. 

Your medical records can be accessed using a range of options:


  • Internet access by personal log-in and password from
  • Access from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Works with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android…)


  • Biometric access using your fingerprint
  • Access for doctors, should you be unconscious or without Internet access
  • Connection to any USB port
  • Works with Windows OS (with Mac OS and Linux soon)
  • Fits in a wallet with its credit card format
  • Technology protected by patent rights


  • Mobile access from smartphones and tablets
  • Continuous access regardless of Internet connection
  • Works with Android and Mac

Using these options you can access your MED’PROFILE all around the world in any circumstances, even if you are unconscious. Between our Bronze and Silver solutions, choose the best one for you and/or your relatives.

It’s your health. It’s you who benefits. 


SWISS MEDBANK and World of Expats collaborate to improve your comfort and safety while you are overseas.


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