Selecting a Mover

Selecting a Mover

Mover, Freight, RelocationWhilst a lot of companies relocating their employees arrange International Removals services on their employees behalf, those receiving lump sum payments may be responsible for arranging all of this independently.

You’ll want to balance making the most of your relocation budget with getting a good quality of service through a reputable company – so, where do you start?

So you open up the yellow pages or scroll through a million Google search results but which removals company do you pick to do your house move? Your belongings are important to you but how do you know that the removals company you’re looking at are going to care about them as much as you do, and how do you know they are charging you a fair price to move them? Here are a few tips to help you on your way! 
Go direct – don’t use a broker!
This is just our opinion of course, and i’m sure there are merits to using a broker, but personally i’d avoid it. Only in speaking directly with the removals company you are going to use will you be able to get a feel for the service you will receive, the crew that will turn up and whether you are getting exactly what you need. Brokers may find you the cheapest removals company (maybe) but will they find you the best quality? Normally they will just send your information to at least 3 (if not more) removal companies who are paying them for the lead…so why not choose your own 3 companies?

Get 3 Quotes:
To allow you to make a good comparison and make sure you find a removals company to fit your requirements it is always a good idea to choose 3 movers to invite to quote…that is unless you’ve used someone before or had a recommendation of a company you trust.

Although it can be time consuming allow all three to come and visit your home to make their own assessment of the volume of goods to be moved and to check out access and any specific requirements. The survey should take around 45 minutes – 1 hour. Don’t be tempted to just have one survey and pass the volume details to the other two removal companies, volume of goods is usually based on a surveyors evaluation – what if one gets it wrong? Getting 3 in ensures you can check they are all quoting a similar volume and identify any anomalies if one is out.

How do I pick my 3?
Look for members of professional organisations, most of these will display the logos on their advert or web page, but if you’re unsure check the website of the organisation as they will keep an online directory for you to double check.

Look for members of the British Association of Removers for UK moves and their Overseas Moving group for moves out of the UK. The BAR’s own reviews based website combines a directory of movers with independent reviews to allow you to make sure the mover is both accredited to high standards and to get a feel for how other customers found their experience. Members of the Overseas Moving Group also provide an Advance Payment Guarantee. In the current uncertain economic environment many customers are concerned about the financial stability of their Remover. The Advance Payment Guarantee protects any payments made before your move (which is standard industry practice) in that if anything happens to your moving company whilst your move is in progress another BAR member will step in and complete the service at no additional cost to you. Without this protection it is likely you would be facing additional charges to receive your belongings (for example port fees, destination agents fees) if they are unable to be recovered from your moving company.

In addition for Overseas moves look for members of the FIDI network. These organisations pre-vet movers to a more in-depth standard than BAR, including their quality of service, complaints and claims records and financial standing so being a member of a professional body can validate any claim of a ‘professional mover’ – it’s easy for any company to say it, but only the real professionals will past the strict independent audits required to display the badges.

Home Visits - Things to ask your Move Consultant:
Whilst one of the Move Consultants jobs is to find out your volume of goods it is also their job to answer any of your preliminary questions for example if you have a specific item of furniture you’re worried about ask them what their company would do to protect it.

Make sure to show the Move Consultant all the items you wish to be moved. Don’t forget sheds, garages and lofts! Most removal companies will insist lofts have proper flooring, lighting and safe access before they can include them in a quote for health and safety reasons. If there are items you don’t want to be included in your move be sure to point those out too.

If you have any tricky items that will need to be dismantled for the move (i.e. bunk beds, swing sets or wardrobes) tell the Move Consultant if you’d like the mover to handle this or if you’re going to have everything ready before the crew arrives.

What happens after the home visit?
Once each of the move consultants has visited they will take away the details to work out a plan for your move including the vehicle, crew and material resources so that they can provide you with a cost for your move based on your individual requirements. Most removal companies should be able to provide you with a quote by email if you wish to speed up the process; you should expect to receive your quote to move within 48 hours if moving overseas (depending on destination the mover may need to discuss with the destination agent).





Selecting a Mover. Contributed by:  Bournes