Royal Brussels Cricket Club

Royal Brussels was one of the founder members of the Belgian Cricket Federation and League in 1991, and since then cricket has expanded steadily.

There is today 4 Divisions within the BCF League, of which our 1st XI plays in Division 1 and our 2nd XI plays in Division 4.  The 4th Division was created to allow for clubs that can support a 2nd team such as Royal Brussels, Antwerp and the Luxembourg Optimists to enjoy competitive cricket as well as benchmark new teams joining the League.

Royal Brussels has probably the best ground and facilities in Belgium. There is a full size ground with sightscreens at each end and the Pavilion has a bar, changing rooms, toilets and showers. The ground is situated in Ohain on the site of the “Sports Village” complex opposite the Royal Waterloo Golf Club. In summer there is net practice on Thursday evening for the men and also cricket for juniors on Saturday mornings. There is also a very competitive midweek Twenty20 competiton that allows corporate companies and other clubs to submit teams and enjoy the fast paced cricket that this format of the game provides.

Club Location (City):