Expat Travel

Historically many assignments were structured to take account of the long journey back by ship.  Long breaks in the middle of the assignment to travel home and several weeks at the end of the Mongolian Hawker, expat vacationassignment were common well after the arrival of flights.  No longer part of our modern world, but the opportunity to take an extended break at the end of an assignment or contract is still available to some.

Here are some ideas for travel based on the region that you are living in:

  • Asia - Visit Angkor in Cambodia, experience Mongolia, Tibet
  • North America - Travel Coast to Coast by Rail in Canada, cruise the Mississippi in USA, enjoy Kaua'i in USA, 
  • South America - Trek to Machu Picchu and Manu National Park in Peru, La Paz in Bolivia, take a Patagonian Cruise in Chile and Argentina
  • Africa - See the Big Five in Kruger National Park in South Africa, climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Australia and New Zealand - Ride the Ghan Railway in Australia, travel around the North Island in New Zealand
  • Europe - Take a break in Prague in the Czech Republic, visit St Petersberg in Russia

So expat travel is nothing fundamentally different it is just the combination of people with a special interest in travel, the location and the opportunity that makes it an important part of the life of an expat.

If time and commitments allow at the end of your time abroad you can consider taking an extended trip before you return to life back in your home country.  For some this will be an extended holiday, for others it will be closer to a Gap Year with several months of travel.  Your outlook, interests, financial position, age, health and other factors will determine the nature of your trip, but this is a real opportunity to finish your time abroad with the trip of a lifetime.  Gap Years are increasingly not just for the young.