The International Women’s Contact The Hague

The International Women’s Contact (IWC) The Hague is a truly international association  with approximately 300 members from more than 60 countries. Founded in 1978, the Club brings together expatriate women living in the Netherlands as well as Dutch women with an international perspective. The club provides opportunities to interact and share each other's cultures and interests through its activities. Moreover, the IWC also organizes activities, which help expat members to familiarize with the city of the Hague and Dutch culture in general.

Neither a political, nor religious nor commercial Club, IWC aims to foster goodwill, friendship and understanding among international women and, in doing so, contributes to strengthening understanding among nations. Over the years, the IWC has raised fundswhich are donated to a variety of both national and internationally-oriented charities.

Club Location (City): 
The Hague