International Removals Insurance

Whether you are moving across town, to a nearby country or to the other side of the world; there is a risk that your goods will be damaged in transit or in the process of packing and unpacking. Removals Insurance will pay to replace your goods should they be lost, stolen or damaged during your move.

Removals Insurance values your goods in a similar way to contents insurance. You must start by providing an estimated value for replacing the good included in your move and then highlight any items or groups of items (such as white goods, clothing, DVD collections or dinner sets) that exceed a certain value depending on your policy. Although you only have to provide an estimate for the value of your goods it is a good idea to photograph any valuable items and where possible collate receipts of valuations of the goods incase you need to make a claim. 

In the UK removals companies are exempted from many of the regulations that specialist providers are subject to under the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Furthermore removal companies’ in-house insurance tends to be more expensive than that of specialist insurers.

Additional insurance can be taken out to cover any vehicles that your are moving.