How Relocation Specialists Can Save You Money

How Relocation Specialists Can Save You Money

A relocation professional can take a great deal of the strain out of a time when you are leaving your home, whether alone or with your family and pets. They manage the process of relocation, which can include such tasks as securing temporary accommodation, sourcing a rental property, drawing up a Tenancy Agreement, finding school places for children, negotiating removals or furniture rental quotes, arranging necessary documents, and, booking language/cross cultural training.

Moving house is generally accepted as one of life's most stressful experiences - it is also time-consuming and costly. Relocation professionals provide the perfect solution for a stress-free move – they know their geographical areas extremely well, so can advise on the perfect location to meet your requirements, and, they have excellent relationships with all the local lettings agents and landlords (which means they often know about property coming onto the market before the details are released). Additionally, they will ensure that your home-finding is extremely focused, so no time is wasted - only suitable properties that meet the specifics of the comprehensive brief taken will be shown to you. Most importantly, unlike lettings agents, they will represent your interests, and not those of the landlord. The objectivity and independent advice provided can be invaluable for the decision-making process, and the reassurance of having someone available locally to look after your interests can provide wonderful emotional support.

For a family move, the area chosen is often determined by the availability of suitable school places. Finding and securing school places in a new area can be fraught with problems – relocation companies maintain excellent relationships with independent schools and local councils, and can advise on suitable schooling with available places, as well as the requirements for securing a place.

If you add together all the time involved in researching locations, sourcing suitable properties, creating viewing itineraries/booking in appointments, researching the local schools, calling schools to ascertain spaces/book appointments, and, negotiating the wish list and rental agreement, to name but a few of the tasks involved, relocation professionals actually save clients time and money!


How Relocation Specialists Can Save You Money. Article contributed by:  Marie Darlow, Marketing Director, The Relocation Consultancy