How Area Orientation Tours Can Help

How Area Orientation Tours Can Help

The ‘area orientation‘ (also known as a ‘preview trip’, ‘area tour’ or ‘look-see visit’) serves as a valuable tool for use in destination services.

They are generally recommended when an individual, or family, have limited knowledge of an area that they are considering moving to. Much more than just a tour, orientation visits provide detailed insights about the location itself, and also discussion about the general way people live in the country. The primary goal of any area orientation service is to give a true, accurate introduction to an area.

Here are The Relocation Consultancy‘s top 5 reasons why we feel they are so useful for employees on corporate assignments:

  • They can help the assignee decide whether or not to accept the move, and also reassure them that they are making the right decision. This cautionary approach reduces the likelihood of the assignment failing later on, potentially wasting valuable time and resources.
  • If an assignee is undecided about which specific area to move to, area orientations can be used to provide a useful overview of each, supporting the decision making process. This is a far more cost efficient option than adding additional home finding days, covering different locations.
  • Area orientations provide a comprehensive overview of the new location, so the assignee and their family can settle more quickly when they actually move. They provide a detailed overview of everything relocating employees need to know for living and working in their new location (e.g. commuting times to work, distance to schools, location of supermarkets).
  • Once suitable areas have been identified from the area tour, the process of finding a new home for the assignee becomes even more efficient and focused, allowing the assignee to be available to settle into their new role sooner.
  • They can help by identifying key requirements at an early stage, potentially reducing the overall cost of the relocation.


| How Area Orientation Tours Can Help | Article contributed by:  Marie Darlow, Marketing Director, The Relocation Consultancy