Gap Year

Are you Planning a Gap Year?

Whether you are looking to work, study, travel or volunteer  - or a combination of it all - our Gap Year pages offer practical advice on how to go about it, tell you where the top destinations are, and share real life experiences from those who have done it before.

Working Abroad

You may be looking to work abroad for a few months or a couple of years:  we have advice on getting a job - whether it’s a short ski season, a working holiday or part of your long term career,

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad may be a cheaper option, as well as broadening your horizons, and creating some very special memories. We discuss which are the best universities to apply to and explain the some of complexities of studying abroad.

Gap Year Travel

The best opportunity to travel comes in your late teens to early 30s. We can advise you on where to travel, what to do and how to fund your trip.

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering, either on a special trip or as part of travelling, is an excellent way to give back to the communities you are visiting, pursue a personal passion and create some special memories.

Looking after your Health

It is important that you remain safe and healthy while travelling or working abroad. We have advice, verified by GPs, on how to look after your health while travelling abroad. We also have tips from travellers themselves on how to stay safe while abroad, from guidance on respecting local cultures to advice on keeping hold of your belongings,