Expat Partners: Accessing the Career Information That You Need.

So you are considering relocating abroad as the partner of an expatriate employee and wondering about the impact this move will have your professional status and career. In our article Expat Partner: Can My Career Travel Too? Questions You Should Answer Before Saying YES we suggested some vital questions that you should ask and research BEFORE making your relocation decision. This short article provides suggestions for finding and accessing the information that you need.







Arrange informational conversations with recruitment companies and headhunters in the new location.

Ask about jobs in your area of expertise and find out how the application process works, style of CV’s and so on. People are often very willing to help in this respect, especially if they are expatriates themselves and can relate to your challenges.


The immigration consultant or lawyer your partner’s organization uses

You may find that the information you receive from relocation professionals and HR is very general. Find out what the process is REALLY like to get a visa / get your qualifications recognised. 


Professional Associations:

If you belong to one search its database for relevant professionals working in your prospective destination. Contact them and ask if they would be willing to share their experience and advice.



This is where a website like LinkedIn comes into its own. Join relevant groups and connect with people working in your field in your new location. Ask them if they would share their insights and advice. You can later ask them for connections and introductions.


Expat online forums:

Such as World of Expats, and other online groups that focus on the international experience. Look for interest and discussion groups that relate to your host country and/or area of work interest and ask for advice, contacts and suggestions.


Your partner’s organization in the host country:

Ask them if you could talk to people doing the kind of job you do in their business in the host location. You never know there may be something there for you and if there is not they may introduce you to local networks that may help you.


Personal development and career professionals:

Who have experience of international living and can help you to consider your professional strengths, skills and achievements and how you can best utilize them in your new environment. 


We suggest that expat partners do some thorough research before deciding to accept a relocation offer. The reality is that the vast majority of expat partners don’t pursue their professional careers in their host location, despite the fact that they would like to do so. However in our experience, the more proactive and focused your search from the beginning the more chance you will have in developing a successful and rewarding career abroad.


Exciting though expat life is, expat partners often feel that their personal and professional aspirations have been put on hold as they’ve moved abroad. If this is you then Thriving Abroad can help you to create an expat life that you love. Come and join our community of expat partners and sign up for engaging expat related content in our regular newsletters.