Expat Partners


If you are considering relocating or have decided to relocate to support your partners career or business then this section is for you. You will find articles about your career choices and lifestyle. Whether you are moving for a career break OR considering how you will use this expatriate experience to reinvent yourself or perhas further your existing career, articles here will provide insight and ideas.

Can My Career Travel Too? Questions You Should Answer Before Saying Yes 


For many expat partners the excitement at the prospect of their partners new job opportunity abroad is tinged with uncertainty and concern about the impact relocation will have on their own career. If you value your...


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Relocation for Expat Partners, Career Break or Career Ruin?


Relocating abroad can provide expat partners with the opportunity for a welcome career break and many a partner has derived huge pleasure from their supportive role whilst enjoying the experiences of their...



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Expat Partners: Accessing the Career Information That You Need 


So you are considering relocating abroad as the partner of an expatriate employee and wondering about the impact this move will have your professional status and career...            



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