Expat Contact

Expat Contact is a club for young expat professionals & former expats.

Some of us are expat professionals new to Los Angeles, Milan, Paris or Stockholm.  Others are expats or former expats who have been in these cities for years.  In either case, building and maintaining a good group of friends with truly international profiles and mindsets can be tricky in a big, transient city.

Founded in early 2001 by friends from an international business school, Expat Contact is a vibrant community for dynamic, young (21-45 yrs) international professionals to meet and make friends while enjoying cocktails, parties, gala balls, wine tastings, dinners, karaoke, salsa or pub nights, picnics, paintball, horseback riding, go-karting, golf, laser tag, skiing, sailing, amusement parks or other trips, help charities, as well as each other when looking for housing, sports partners, travel buddies, etc.

Club Location (City): 
LA, Milan, Paris, Stockholm