Expat Clubs

We are dedicated to being a premier Club in Hong Kong which provides a gathering place for social, recreational, and business activities for Members and their families in a distinctive American atmosphere.
Location: Hong Kong | Country: Hong Kong | Club Website: The American Club, Hong Kong
Costa Women is a social community and business networking group for women living in Spain to share friendship, support and provide knowledge about living in this vibrant country.
Location: Spain | Country: Spain | Club Website: Costa Women
Since 1998, GreekBoston.com® has been the #1 website for Greek Americans living in the Boston Massachusetts and New England areas regions.
Location: Boston | Country: USA | Club Website: Greek Boston
The Society is a volunteer organisation that welcomes all English speakers to its comprehensive programme of social, sports, educational and network events.  It welcomes new members and guests of any age and nationality. Volunteers are also very...
Location: Amsterdam | Country: Netherlands | Club Website: Britsoc
Hockey Club Luxembourg is a friendly club founded in 1976, offering fitness and fun to players of all levels and all ages.  We run a healthy Junior section and a competitive yet good spirited Corporate League, with members from all nationalities. ...
Club Website: Hockey Club Luxembourg
What is it? An informal, mixed group who all enjoy recreational cycling – whenever possible away from the traffic and the town. The rides are not ‘guided tours’ but we do try to find points of interest along the way.
Club Website: The Desert Biking Club Of Kuwait
Formed in Tokyo in the 1950's, The Australia Society Tokyo is alive and well today, and continues to organise enjoyable social events for Australians and friends living in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you're in Tokyo for 2 weeks, 2 years or permanently,...
Location: Tokyo | Country: Japan | Club Website: The Australia Society Tokyo
AFWJ, the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese, has over 500 members in Japan and abroad and aims to provide members with friendship, support, mutual help in adapting to Japanese society. It also offers opportunities for social, emotional,...
Club Website: The Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese
TEC sings a wide variety of music from sacred and secular choral repertoire, as well as ballads, light opera, folk and popular songs. Whilst it is an amateur choir, many of its members have a formal music background. Its international members hail...
Location: Tokyo | Country: Japan | Club Website: The Tokyo Embassy Choir
Milan Cricket Club was formed in 1972 by an intrepid group of UK expatriates,some of whom still play for the club. The club played its first match in June 1972 against Geneva. The club basically plays friendly matches against a variety of other...
Location: Milan | Country: Italy | Club Website: The Milan Cricket Club