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Can you help our visitors plan their new life overseas?


THE EXPAT SHOW - Living & Working Abroad (Olympia, London – 11th & 12th September 2015) is the first event of its kind, as it brings together all aspects of moving overseas. We have a ready-made audience of individuals, families, retired couples and corporate employees of multinationals who need advice, support and services to make their move go smoothly.


A mandatory set of purchasing needs

No matter where our visitors are planning to go they all have definable needs that you could help with:

·         Accommodation: Rented or purchased

·         Cultural support: Country specific information, localised hand-holding services, expat networking/clubs/socialising

·         Finance management: International Accountancy expertise, banking, international mortgages, FX and wealth management

·         Legal Support: Visas, employment contracts, family law and general localised legal services

·         Moving: Removals, storage, pet relocation

·         Travel: International flights, local vehicle hire, transport advice, vacation opportunities


A new audience with additional needs

The Expat Show is not just about retired people or investment property, we have a new younger, developing audience that is looking outside the UK for new opportunities:

·         Business start-Up: Forming a company overseas, international marketing, translation services

·         Education: International schooling, language lessons and cultural education

·         Finding Employment: Overseas contractor opportunities, permanent positions, being an independent freelancer

·         Study and intern options: International student opportunities, work/study options, voluntary overseas work


Why exhibit?

After several years of falling UK emigration, we are now on the cusp of a growing and changing marketplace. Consider the following and then see how World of Expats can help develop your business in 2015 and beyond!

·         After unprecedented immigration a growing number are now repatriating or leaving to start a new life in another country. 59% of those emigrating in 2014      were non-British,

·         One in 12 people of retirement age are now doing so abroad and the new annuity rules are likely to re-invigorate the over-50s to consider retiring abroad.

·         As the average age for buying a first home rises to 36 years old there has been an 80% spike in interest from the under 40s in buying abroad over the last 12 months. This is a new breed of expat, many with young families who are planning to build a new life overseas.

·         Globalisation has created demand for professional expertise. Both corporate overseas postings and the international contractor market are on the increase with PwC predicting a 50% increase by 2020.

·         Sterling rises against the euro once again make exchange rates favourable for UK residents buying property overseas, whether emigrating permanently or simply looking for a holiday home.


Reserve your position now

As with all exhibitions, spaces are limited but more importantly the balance of exhibitor types is being strictly controlled so that there are limited opportunities for competing companies to be involved. This gives your company a distinctive advantage as you know that you will not be surrounded by numerous similar suppliers.


To receive a full brochure, up-to-date named floorplan and rate card please contact:

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