Greenback Tax Webinar

1 June 2015 to 2 June 2015


Greenback Expat Tax Services presents “Top 5 Things You Need to Know about US Expat Taxes”


Monday, June 1 -  9pm US Eastern Time

Tuesday, June 2 -  8am US Eastern Time

Join one of these webinars by Greenback as they give you an in-depth look at the US expat tax topics that impact you most!  

In this informative, in-depth discussion Greenback will outline what you need to know about:

·         The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

·         The Foreign Tax Credit

·         FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report)

·         FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

·         Fiiling late taxes if you’ve gotten behind

Greenback Co-President David McKeegan and their expert accountants will endeavour to make sure you are armed with the most accurate information when filing your US taxes. Make sure you bring your questions—this webinar is interactive for a reason! 

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