South Korea at a Glance

So you are moving to South Korea

Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. South Korea is one of the most popular destination among American’s with an estimated 120,000 living there.
  2. A temperate climate prevails throughout Korea, with distinct changes of season – winters are quite cold and summers can be hot
  3. Foreigners entering South Korea on a long-term visa must apply for an Alien Registration Card, also called a residence certificate, at the Immigration office nearest to the location where they will be residing.
  4. U.S. state of Indiana, ranking South Korea as one of the most densely populated countries of the world. Nearly 75 percent of the people live and work in modern cities.
  5. The official language of South Korea is Korean. It is distinct from Japanese and Chinese, but centuries of close contact with China has resulted in the absorption of a large number of Chinese words.
  6. After years of decline property prices are expected to rise in 2014 and 2015. This is thanks to a number of government policies such as increasing public development, relaxing borrowing restrictions, reducing housing purchase tax and introducing shared ownership.
  7. South Korea has become a world economic power based on a solid democratic structure. The government is determined to make the necessary - and painful - reforms needed to strengthen the South Korean economy.
  8. South Korea’s currency is the Won (W). One won is made up of 100 chon.
  9. Age and rank are of utmost importance to Koreans, as is deference to superiors. Always treat those above you, professionally or chronologically, with respect.
  10. There is continuing and unpredictable tension between North and South Korea. At times this has resulted in minor military clashes. Eight times a year the South Korean Authorities hold civil emergency drills across the country.



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