Portugal at a Glance

So you are moving to Portugal

A country with dramatic coastline, a vibrant expat community and pleasant weather all year round.

Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. Although not as popular as its eastern neighbour Portugal is a very popular destination among British expats, with around 50,000 living there.
  2. Portugal’s weather varies slightly from North to South but is generally warm in the summer and mild in the winter. You can find snow in Portugal during the winter, particularly in the mountains.
  3. EU citizens are able to live in Portugal without a visa. Those who are not from an EU or Schengen agreement nation and who plan to stay in Portugal for more than three months require a long-term/residence visa.
  4. The Portuguese lifestyle and weather allows for plenty of time spent outdoors, relaxing, playing sport and enjoying the excellent cuisine.
  5. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and it is spoken by the vast majority of the population, however is there are several regional dialects. English is widely spoken in Portugal, particularly in tourist and expat areas. However only 32% of the population speak and understand English, so you may not always be able to find an English speaker.
  6. Before the crash in 2008 property in Portugal was one of the most expensive in Europe. Portugal’s property market has now reached what is seen as a low point, asking prices are in-line with bank valuations and properties are nearly a third cheaper than homes in the UK. However the future is starting to look good with prices expected to rally in the coming years.
  7. Portugal’s population is 10.7 million.
  8.  Portugal’s currency is the Euro (€).
  9. The Portuguese economy suffered greatly from the financial crises of 2008, It was forced to seek a European bailout which it came out of in May 2014, It has worked hard to lower it deficient while stimulating its economy. Exports and Tourism are its main sources for recovery however the recovery has been slow to get going in 2014.
  10. Portugal faces the same terrorist threat as all western countries. It also experiences the same low level crime seen in most tourist areas.


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