Business Hours

Business issues

Most Phoenix industries are operate with the attitude that time is of the essence. Due to long commutes to work, and the increasing amount of traffic on the road, a growing number of people leave their homes very early. It is necessary to leave for work up to an hour early to get through traffic and navigate through the multitude of highways and roads that crisscross through the city. Those with families will try to leave work at a reasonable hour.

A typical Phoenix workday begins at 0800, and ends at 1700. Some Phoenix workers are telecommuters who work at home most of the time, connected by computer, and come to the office a few days a month. They are on their own to work the required number of hours. The average workweek is 40 to 50 hours. In businesses where both the pressure and workload are great, however, some individuals may put in as many as 80 hours. They may be compensated with overtime pay or time off.


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