Westchester County begins just north of New York City and encompasses 1166 sq. km/450 sq. mi. It is bordered to the west by the Hudson River and to the east by Connecticut. More densely populated in the south - closest to New York City, the county is quite rural in its northern reaches.

In order of size, the county's six cities are Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Peekskill, and Rye City. There are also 19 towns and 22 villages. Although parts of the major cities can be described as some congested and urban, most municipalities range from quaint to opulent.

Originally inhabited by more than a dozen Indian tribes, the area still reflects this heritage. Many towns have Indian names, including Chappaqua and Tuckahoe.

Of the nearly 950,000 county residents, Hispanics comprise about 18 percent; blacks just under 15 percent; and Asians 5.5 percent. Approximately 400,000 workers commute into the county daily.

Living in Westchester County
Ranked as one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, Westchester is home to many senior level executives. Housing prices and taxes can be relatively high.

In exchange, residents enjoy excellent public schools and a selection of fine private schools. Cultural events, entertainment offerings, shopping, and services are plentiful. Overall, the standard of living is excellent.

Commuting to New York City via train is common, although many large corporations have established their headquarters in Westchester County. Other residents commute to Fairfield County, Connecticut, to work in Stamford or surrounding towns.

In general, people are friendly and helpful, and many have strong opinions. People - including children - also tend to be heavily scheduled; the pace of life is fast.