So you are moving to Malaysia

A country with ancient jungles holding captivating wildlife; a reserved, friendly people and a rising economy.


Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. While not as cosmopolitan as it southern neighbour, Malaysia
  2. Malaysia is blessed with a moderate climate. The days are sunny, hot, and humid all year, but the nights are fairly cool.
  3. All foreign visitors must have passports valid for six months past the duration of their stay in Malaysia. Visitors will be allowed entry of - one to three months, depending on country of origin and the purpose of the visit and their nationality. Different passes can be obtained depending on the lengthy of and reason for your stay.
  4. Expatriates in Malaysia enjoy an active social life. Many of the expatriate communities are very well organized, and many different types of activities promote social contact.
  5. Malaysian is the official language of Malaysia. English remains an active second language and is used to teach maths and science in all public schools. Malaysian English is widely used in business, along with Manglish, which is a colloquial form of English with heavy Malay, Chinese, and Tamil influences.  (
  6. House prices in Malaysia have continued to rise this year despite anti-speculation measures slowing that rise. However prices still remain lower than their 1997 pre-crisis levels.
  7. With a population of 29 million Malaysia is the
  8. Malaysia’s currency is the ringgit.
  9. Malaysia has become south-east Asia’s third largest economy transforming its economy from being a low-income producer of raw materials to being a middle-income exporter of manufactured goods, including high-tech products.
  10. Malaysia is a relatively safe country for the region however the British Commonwealth Office say there is a general threat from terrorism. They also highlight the threat of kidnapping and criminality on the eastern coast of Sabah and in particular close to the southern Philippines.


Once you are settled, explore the wonders of Malaysia as it is a truly beautiful country and a great place for friends and family to visit! 

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Moving to Malaysia: Passports and Visas
An employment pass is issued for temporary employment of more than two years with a certain minimum monthly salary. A dependent's pass is issued to a member of the family of a visitor granted an employment pass…

Moving to Malaysia: Climate

Although only one degree north of the equator, Malaysia is blessed with a moderate climate. The days are sunny, hot, and humid all year, but the nights are fairly cool…

Moving to Malaysia: Buying a property

Almost all expatriates choose to rent a house or an apartment in Malaysia for the duration of their assignment…

Whether renting or buying, using serviced apartments can give you time to find the right property.

Moving to Malaysia: Taking Household goods

Household goods and personal effects which have been used for more than six months can be imported into Malaysia duty-free providing that you have a work permit or an application pending for one...

Moving to Malaysia: Choosing a School

In local schools most students are instructed in Malaysian and are required to learn English. As it may be unduly difficult for a foreign student to learn in Malaysian, it is probably not practical for expatriates to send their children to the local schools…

Moving to Malaysia:  National healthcare

Medical costs are reasonable. Malays generally seek medical care as needed, and pay per visit, rather than use medical insurance, which usually dictates a choice of doctors. However medical insurance will be needed to fund more extensive treatment…

Moving to Malaysia: Everyday living

Shopping is a major pastime in Malaysia; goods are available at modern sophisticated shopping malls, department stores, pasar malam/night markets, and countless individual small shops...

Moving to Malaysia: Social Enviornment

The social life of most Malaysians centers around visiting with friends and families…

Moving to Malaysia: Social Customs

Muslims in Malaysia do not tend to drink Alcohol. You should follow your hosts lead as to whether or not you drink alcohol yourself as it is often more polite not to drink around Muslims…

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