So you are moving to Italy

A country steeped in romance and history with a passion for food.

Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

1. Italy is a popular destination, while it is not as popular as some other European destinations many expats are drawn by the food, history and weather.

2. Italy's climate is mainly temperate, although, above the Alpine barrier in the north, winter is very cold and summers are cool. The Po River Valley has moderating temperatures, with rain and fog in the winter. In the south the climate is Mediterranean. The summers are hot and dry, sometimes cooled by sea breezes.

3. Italy does not require a Visa for entry nor do you require a work permit if you are from the EU.  If you are from outside the EU you can generally visit for up to 90 days, but you will need a visa if you plan to work, study or live in the country.

4. Family meals in Italy are quite elaborate and carefully prepared by North American and European standards. Italian cooking relies on the abundance and high quality of the local produce to produce world renowned food.

5. Italian is the language of Italy. While you can ‘get by’ in popular tourist cities such as Rome and Florence without learning the language you will become much more connected to the local people and life will be much easier when out and about.

6. Property prices have continued to fall in real terms since 2012. The recovery is expected to be weak along with the broader economic recovery in Italy.

7. With 60 million inhabitants Italy is the 4th most populous country in Europe. Italy is dubbed the ‘Boot of Europe’ owing to the shape of the main peninsular. Italy also consists of a number of islands including the two largest, Sicily and Sardinia.

8. Italy’s currency is the Euro.

9. Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world, having recently been overtaken by Brazil. Italy continues to face problems over its national debt exacerbated by its apparent political dysfunction.    

10. As with the rest of Europe, there is a general threat of terrorism in Italy. There have also been isolated incidents of domestic terrorism from extreme left groups, however these incidents tend to be towards official targets and only involved small devices.


Once you are settled, explore the wonders of Italy as it is a truly beautiful country and a great place for friends and family to visit! 

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Moving to Italy: Passports and Visas
EU-member nationals and citizens of Italy without passports, provided they are carrying valid national identification cards.  Other foreign nationals…

Moving to Italy: Climate

Italy's climate is mainly temperate, although, above the Alpine barrier in the north, winter is very cold and summers are cool…

Moving to Italy: Buying a Property

Before purchasing a home, find out if there is a tenant currently living there. In Italy, it is nearly impossible to evict someone. Only about 15 percent of eviction requests are successfully executed each year...

Whether renting or buying, using serviced apartments can give you time to find the right property. 

The World of Expats Property Search tool gives access to over 15,000 properties available to buy in Italy.

Moving to Italy: Taking Household Goods

People on long-term assignment are permitted entry of used household effects and appliances during their first six months in Italy. To assure duty-free entry, the owner of the household goods should present to customs a copy of his or her passport and a certificate of Italian residence…

Moving to Italy: Choosing a school

Because of the language barrier, expatriates generally take advantage of the many international schools operating in Italy…

Moving to Italy: National health care

Payment of health tax is obligatory for all who work. If you have an Italian employer, the greater portion of your health tax payments will probably be made on your behalf…

Moving to Italy: Everyday living

Every city in Italy, indeed every region, has its own proud and distinctive culinary style and shopping choices. Italian cooking relies on the abundance and high quality of the local produce…

Moving to Italy: Getting Around

Italy has one of the highest rates of accidents in Europe. However, it may be a consolation to know that it does not have the highest fatality rate…

Moving to Italy: Social customs

A man wearing a hat should remove it, perhaps with a slight bow, during an introduction…


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