So you are moving to Canada

A land of geographic differences and cultural diversity. Canada has a high standard of living with a friendly and sociable population. Within its vast borders, spanning six time zones, there is a beautiful and varied landscape that includes major mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and farmland.


Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. Roughly 1 million Americans live in Canada. While it is mainly seen as a US destination more than 600,000 Brits live in Canada.
  2. In most of the country, winter lasts longer than summer; yet when summer comes it can be very hot. Rainfall varies from light to moderate, and there are heavy snowfalls in some areas.
  3. Most foreigners who intend to work while in Canada must have an employment authorization prior to arrival. However, residents of the U.S., Greenland, or St. Pierre and Miquelon who hold all of the appropriate documents may apply directly at any Canadian port of entry.
  4. Its diversified economy includes resource industries such as forestry, mining, energy, agriculture and fishing. It is also growing its capability in the service industry.
  5. English is the most commonly spoken language in Canada with the exception of Quebec, where French is the dominant language and cultural influence.
  6. House prices have continued to rise throughout Canada in recent times. Despite fear of a looming crash many analysts expect prices to continue to rise until 2017.
  7. With a population of 33.5 million; Canada covers approximately seven percent of the surface of the earth, spanning six time zones. It is bordered by three oceans, the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic.
  8. Canada’s currency The Canadian Dollar
  9. Canada has a GDP of $1.8tn. It has a well-diversified economy covering mainly resource industries such as forestry, mining, energy, agriculture and fishing. It is also taking its place in the world as a leader in high technology.
  10. Canada face the same terrorist threat as much of the western world. Its security services have recently stopped at least two major attacks.

    When visiting the wilder parts of Canada, even those lived in by humans, people should be careful of animals. These animals will not usually attack people but they can be drawn in my open food and may attack people if they feel threatened.


Once you are settled, explore the wonders of the Canada, it is a unique country and a great place for friends and family to visit! 

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Moving to Canada: Passports and Visas
U.S. citizens crossing the Canadian border via land now need to carry a passport. As of January 2009, these travelers must also present a passport when arriving by air or sea. Although the country's immigration can be strict and complex, Canada takes steps to ease the entry of those businesspeople whose skills and expertise will contribute to the nation's economy and create job opportunities…

Moving to Canada: Climate

Canada is often thought of as a frigid northern climate, however this is not totally accurate…

Moving to Canada: Buying a property

Canada has a fair number of houses and apartments available to rent and buy. Your decision to rent or buy may depend on the length of your assignment in Canada…

Whether renting or buying, using serviced apartments can give you time to find the right property.  The World of Expats Property Search tool gives access to over 8,000 properties available to buy in Canada.

Moving to Canada: Choosing a school

The educational system is administered by the provinces, and primary and secondary education is free…

Moving to Canada: National healthcare

There is a national health plan, administered by the provinces, but nonresidents are not covered…

Moving to Canada: Everyday living

Canadian cuisine is quite varied and interesting, reflecting the diverse ethnic influences of its immigrant population…

Moving to Canada: Social environment

Moving to Canada is much like a similar move to the U.S. or the U.K. Customs, cultures, and languages are not unlike, although of course Canada is a vast country with unique customs and nuances in each province…

Moving to Canada: Social customs

Greetings may vary from place to place throughout Canada, due to the differences in regional populations. Most Canadians greet each other with a firm handshake and a direct look in the eye…


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