China at a Glance

So you are moving to China

A country rich in heritage with beautiful scenery, bustling cities, wild coastlines and sunny island outposts.

Well, before you start here are our 9 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. China is growing in popularity as an expat destination, despite fears over air pollution over 38,000 British expats and at least 70,000 Americans.
  2. As the world’s third largest country, China has a varied climate; however the whole country is fairly temperate. Temperatures drop in the north during winter and strong monsoon rains hit the south throughout the rainy season.
  3. Many of China's larger cities have activity parks and zoos, which the Chinese love to visit on the weekends. They are not as popular with expatriates used to a more sophisticated entertainment in the West. The Chinese are also enthusiastic fans of soccer, ping pong, gymnastics, and basketball.
  4. Mandarin is the official spoken language of China, however there are over 50 regional dialects and languages that are often completely unintelligible from one to the next. There is also a wide range of immigrant languages representing the wide range of immigrants and expats that live in China.
  5. China has experience a property boom over the past decade, this is now slowing considerably as China starts to experience much more normal levels of economic growth and housing stock begins to outstretch demand.
  6. China’s 1.3 Billion population makes up 1/5th of the world population.
  7.  China’s currency is the Yuan Renminbi.
  8. Even though China is such a large country geographically covering several time zones, all of China operates on a single Standard Time (GMT+8) all year round.
  9. As the world's most populous country China has become a dominant economic force in recent years, 2nd only to the USA in terms of GDP, many economists predict that China will be the largest economy by 2018.


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