Mass Transit

Public transportation

Boulder's Community Transit Network buses are run by the system that serves the Denver metro area. RTD, or Regional Transportation District, operates several buses for downtown Boulder and environs. It also connects with regional bus services.

Rather than route numbers, the buses are easy to remember for their catchy names:

  • HOP stops at Downtown Boulder, 29th Street retail district, University Hill, and University of Colorado.
  • SKIP travels north/south along Broadway, anchored by stops at Front Range Avenue and Fairview High School.
  • JUMP travels east/west on Arapahoe Avenue, with major stops that include Boulder High School, Downtown, and Boulder Valley School District - Arapahoe Campus.
  • BOUND travels north/south on 30th Street, connecting Diagonal Highway with BaseMar Shopping Center.
  • DASH runs east/west along South Boulder Road, connecting University of Colorado and Downtown Louisville, as well as the Lafayette Park-n-Ride.
  • STAMPEDE runs frequent service between CU's Main Campus, East Campus, Rsearch Park, and connects to the Coors Event Center.
  • BOLT travels between Boulder and Longmont, taking the Diagonal Highway, with stops that include Diagonal Plaza, IBM, Longmont, Niwot Park-n-Ride, and Twin Peaks Mall Park-n-Ride.


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