Australia - At a Glance

So, you are moving to Australia!

A country rich in wildlife, precious raw materials, pleasant weather and an excellent quality of life for the whole family.

Well, before you start here are our 10 top pieces of information for expats:

  1. Australia is the most popular destination in the world for UK expats with over 1 million Brits living there. There are also at least 100,000 American living in Australia. With 1 in 4 of Australian residents born overseas there is a large expat community whatever your nationality.
  2. Owing to its size Australia’s climate varies greatly throughout the country. The level of rainfall is much higher along the east and northern coastlines and the east and south western coastlines offer the most habitable environments. The majority of the country gets more than 3000 hours of sunlight a year.
  3. Australia requires all temporary visitors to hold a valid passport that expires at least six months after the date of exit from the country, proof of out bound travel and sufficient evidence you can support yourself while in the country.
  4. The Australian lifestyle involves eating outside on a regular basis and a much higher level of participation in sports and recreational activities than that seen in the US and UK making it a great place for family.
  5. English is by far the main language spoken in Australia with the 2011 census showing nearly 77% of people speaking only English at home. However it is not English as many Americans and Britons may know it with its own unique vocabulary.
  6. Australia’s public school system follows the British system and is good by international standards. Free schooling is available to the majority expats but as at home some may choose the private system.
  7. With 23.5 million inhabitants, Australia is an island nation with coastlines facing the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and includes the island of Tasmania.
  8. Australia is the world's twelfth largest economy and is ranked fifth highest for GDP per capita. This does mean that Australia has one of the highest costs of living in the world. While this is reflected in higher average wages, it is important to consider what salary you would need to maintain your current lifestyle.
  9. Australia’s currency is the Australian Dollar.  
  10. Australia is generally considered one of the safest and most stable countries in the world, however there are instances of gang violence, predominantly amongst biker gangs, and as a western country faces many of the same security threats.


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