Deciding to Move


Should I go or should I stay?


You want to make sure you make a decision that is well researched and informed and lays the foundations for a successful expat life. But what questions do you need to ask? If you have never relocated internationally before you will not be aware of many of the potential pitfalls and challenges. The articles below are written to support your research and decision making process. 

Attitudes and Characteristics that Help to Build Success Abroad


What does it take from a personal perspective to move abroad and build a successful and happy life in a new country? This article talks about eight personal attributes and characteristics that will help set...



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Expatriate Kids: Four Challenges of Expat Life for Expat Kids


Ask any expatriate parent about the impact of expatriation on their children and you will realise that they are often second guessing whether or not their less conventional lifestyle choices will benefit...



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Expatriate Kids: Five Benefits of Expat Life for Expat Kids


When thinking about a relocation decision, nothing can be more emotive than the thought of the impact of expatriation on the children. It can be all too easy to be drawn to the challenges and potential negatives...



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