Clone of Accompanying Partner

When many people move abroad to take up an expat lifestyle they do so with partners and sometimes family.  Even if they are not accompanied they often leave people they are close to behind.  In today’s society the accompanying partner is not always a wife, but is increasingly a husband, a same sex partner or an unmarried long term partner.

Moving with your partner is, of course, a major factor in enhancing the experience, but there can also be significant challenges depending on the location, culture, immigration rules and other factors.  Openness and mutual support is essential to ensure success.   The issue of a trailing spouse has been the center of attention in global mobility circles for many years.  The largest cause of assignee failure is due to the problems encountered by the trailing spouse rather than the performance or other issues with the assignee.

happy expat couple


Reluctant Traveller

In some cases the accompanying partner may be a reluctant traveller, understanding that the move is unavoidable, but reluctant to disrupt their lives with a move to an unknown new environment. These circumstances represent a real risk to the relationship as well as the success of the assignment, new role or business.  Compromise and understanding will be key to success.  In such circumstances it will be vital to ensure that plans are considered in advance to ensure that the partner has a plan to take up a role or an interest that will satisfy them and hopefully give them an opportunity they would never otherwise have had.....READ MORE



Finding an Alternative to Work

The fundamental issue for an expat partner is to find a lifestyle that will allow them to enjoy their time abroad and gain a sense of fulfilment.  This may be an occupation, a role or a lifestyle that fulfills the partner.  There is no single prescription for this....READ MORE