Christopher Nye


World of Expats' Property Expert


We are very pleased to introduce a new series of articles about buying property abroad, written by property and investment specialist Christopher Nye.


Chris began his career in hotel management and cruise ships. Eventually returning to England and dry land, he owned a restaurant for a decade before returning to the international scene as a travel and property writer.

Chris now specialises in writing about emigration, business, property and investment. However, his latest book was about adventure travel experiences, Weekends to Brag AboutHe can be reached at


Buying Property In Malta


Buying a home in Malta is made easy by the short distances – the island is only 30 kilometres at its widest – and the fact that English is an official language. Estate agents speak English, newspaper ads and many...



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Buying Property In Hong Kong


The Chinese government owns all the land in Hong Kong, and property owners lease the land (or co-lease it, in the case of an apartment block). Most foreigners can buy in Hong Kong but the government has imposed an extra 15%...



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Buying Property In Canada


Buying property is rarely a joy, but the process in Canada comes closer than most countries. Everything is in English (or French), the process is straightforward and well regulated, the buying costs are cheap and there is no shortage of data...



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Buying Property In Cyprus


Buying in Cyprus has the advantage of English being very widely spoken and there being no great difference between prices for ‘locals’ and expats, which you see in some countries...        



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Buying Property In New Zealand


Buying property in New Zealand is generally quick, efficient and safe. It takes four to six weeks from offer to moving in, and is relatively inexpensive compared to most European countries...        



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Buying Property In Australia


The first thing to know about Australia is that foreigners do not have an automatic right to own property. Unless you are married to an Australian or hold a permanent resident visa...         



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Buying Property In Portugal 


Portuguese estate agents must be licensed and qualified, so ask to see their INCI certificate and AMI licence. With typical agent fees of more than 5%, private sales are common – look out for...



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Buying Property In France


The property buying system in France is completely different to what you might experience elsewhere. It is better regulated than in many countries, making a purchase safer, but more expensive...



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Buying Property In Spain


Step one is to get your professionals lined up and ready. That should certainly include a lawyer who is independent of the estate agent or developer whose property you are viewing, who is qualified...



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Buying Property In Germany


To buy or not to buy, that has been the question in Germany in recent years. It was a country where most people rented, protected by strong pro-tenant laws, and where property price rises were...



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Buying Property In Italy


There is no restriction on buying property in Italy and it has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful older property in the world, at surprisingly cheap prices (especially if you’re up for a bit of renovating)...



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Buying Property In USA


The buying process in the USA follows a British model – more accurately a Scottish one – rather than a continental European model. This means it is cheaper than in most countries, typically adding...



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Buying Property In United Arab Emirates


As a collection of seven separate emirates, there are some differences between emirates in the rules and procedures for buying property. For this guide we will focus on Dubai, where buyers from India, Pakistan and the UK...



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