Chip the Dog

We just wanted to share the story of little Chip the Dachshund and his trip to Australia. Chip had a tube put in him to connect his brain cavities to his abdomen when he was younger. His owners called us and mentioned this and initially we said we would not be willing to arrange his journey as we feared that his welfare was going to be compromised by a flight to Australia and a 30 day quarantine stay.

We also go onto the emigration forums to help out on there and advise people on what is best to do and try to clear up some of the untruths out there about pet flying and we saw a post from Chips owner asking if “there was a pet shipper anyone could recommend who would fly a dog with a shunt in”, so we messaged him back to give us a call and Chips owner was then able to chat to one of our vets and see if we could come up with a plan.

We spoke to Chips current first opinion vet, and then called the referral vets to ask them their opinion and tracked down the vet who put the shunt in to ask them their opinions – it seemed that there was no rational reason not to fly little Chip, so we made a plan and started the process.

Chip went through his flight with no problems, 30 days quarantine with no problems and then even a flight up to Brisbane with no problems. Currently Chip (and his magic tube) are in Brisbane enjoying the sun and the warmth and company of the family he loves.

I love this story as the owners were so keen to get Chip over with them they persisted when people said no. Obviously, everyone goes into a journey such as this with a great deal of caution and trepidation, but Chip loves his humans and his humans obviously love Chip, so his welfare is best served by doing all that could be done to keep him with his family.

Clever Chip and thanks from us to his family for persisting and giving him the opportunity to go with them to Australia. 


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  Pet Air UK