British Corner Shop

British Corner Shop (BCS) is the online supermarket for expats and has been established since 1999. They ship over 8,000 branded British food, drink, household, and toiletry products worldwide and deliver direct to your doorstep.


Extensive Product Range

BCS have a huge range of products available, from classic store cupboard essentials like Oxo Cubes, Heinz Tomato Soup, Branston Pickle and Colman’s Mustard, to confectionery treats such as Cadbury chocolate, McVities Ginger Nuts and Mr Kipling Cakes.

In March 2013 they also launched a chilled range for selected European countries, including a wide variety of fresh meats, yoghurts, cheese, Quorn, desserts, soups, pastries, fruit and vegetables.

If you’re an American expat, you can also shop in The American Corner, where they have a selection of the most popular products from across the pond.

Most Popular Products

As part of British Corner Shop’s last customer survey they asked what product they missed the most, and below are the ones that made the top 10:

Tea – 20%

Chilled (including cheese, bacon, sausages, meats and black pudding) – 12%

Chocolate – 8%  Marmite – 6%
Condiments – (including Heinz salad Cream, HP Sauce,  Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Branston Pickle) – 4% Bisto Gravy Granules - 3.5%
Crisps (including Walkers, Hula Hoops) – 3.1% Heinz Baked Beans – 2.5%
Biscuits – (including McVities, Rich Teas, Ginger Nuts and Jammie Dodgers) – 2.3% Oxo Stock Cubes – 1.4%

So although Brits abroad might not miss the weather, or the economy, it seems like they can’t do without a cuppa!

Top British brands such as Tetley Tea, PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea were named most frequently in the survey, closely followed by Twinings, Scottish Blend and Typhoo.

Other products mentioned in the survey were chilled items such as cheese, bacon and sausages, with 12% naming these as the products they struggle to live without.

British chocolate was also a popular answer, especially Cadbury chocolate such as Dairy Milk, Flake and Roses.

If you disagree with this list and your favourite product isn’t included then just let them know using their “suggest a product” form, and they’ll do their best to source the product for you!

Visit the British Corner Shop now and find your favourite product!