Why All 20 Somethings Should Work Abroad

Date Created: 27.06.2014

You might be thinking that working your own way up the work ladder is the best way to improve your job prospects, life enjoyment, and your ability to be successful in life.

But there’s something else.

You should seek out the opportunity to work abroad, even if you don’t intend to stay abroad forever – and here’s why.

#1 It’s An Adventure

At the end of the day, many 20 something's say they just want to have an adventure – they’re tired of sitting in a cubicle staring into a computer screen for 40 hours a week.

Working abroad has one huge advantage that gap years don’t – whereas a gap year is usually perceived as a year "off," working abroad means you’re still gaining valuable work experience and not losing time.

So for many millennials it’s win-win: gain valuable work experience and see what industries are right for you, while at the same time going on an adventure that involves culture, travel, and new people, sites and foods.

#2 In a Land of Vanilla… You Become Chocolate.

Think about many of your own closest friends with similar interests. Chances are, they’re applying for the same jobs you are right?

But chances are, they also have a similar upbringing, hobbies, interests, and resume that a future employer will see.

Guess what happens when the hiring manager sees "yet another" boring, vanilla candidate?

She yawns and shrugs, and it’s on to the next one.

But when you have some international work experience, you’re no longer vanilla.

You stand out.

You’re mint chocolate chip.

#3 Better social skills.

Quick question:

Which person do you end up chatting with more at a cocktail party?

The small-town girl who has lived in the same place and had the same job for 15 years.

The international traveller who has lived in half a dozen countries, with half a dozen jobs, and more life experience in 22 years than most people have in 75 years.

Usually, it’s person B, right?

And that’s because "person B" really does have a lot more life experience – which means that he has many more ways that he can relate to others in conversation, culture, experience, work and overall life experience.

Working abroad gives you insight into the bigger life picture, and makes it much easier to relate to people.

And whether that means getting a job, finding a romantic relationship, or just plain enjoying your life, it’s a huge advantage.

#4 It’s just plain harder, the older you get.

The last big reason you should work abroad is simple:

It’s a lot easier to live abroad and have a variable life while you’re young and haven’t settled down yet.

Picture this: You get home from work, with a spouse and children, housing and car bills you need to pay, and a lot more "obligations" that you have to worry about.

How realistic does living and working in Paris seem now? It’s possible, but a lot harder!

Realistically – this is probably the best chance and time slot you will ever get for living or working abroad, so take advantage of it!

If it’s still something on your mind that you’ve been considering, it’s worth going for.

So go for it !