Our Spanish Dream - Part 3 Further along the Road

Date Created: 15.10.2014

After Guardamar de Segura the N332 coast road took us past yet more pine woods, more open land, the mountains visible but not too close.  I had never seen so much flat land in Spain!  Here I could travel around without the dreaded problems caused by my life-long travel-sickness issues.  I actually felt good being in a car and looking around!  I had no doubts that whatever the rest of the southern Costa Blanca had in store, it was here I would be able to live.  The sea, the distant mountains, the gorgeous sunshine, a few small hills, trees, citrus groves and vines - all I wanted - finally without twisting roads!

The road led us to the first of the large salt lakes of Torrevieja. 

Salinas de La Mata sits in another Parc Natural where you can walk paths between grapes, almond and citrus fruits before reaching the blue water of the lake. On one side of the road another national park and on the other side a big, busy town.  As we passed the first salt lake the landscape changed as the town of Torrevieja stretched out on both sides of the road and looking down the hill I could see the second ‘pink’ lake and many, many buildings ahead.  It wasn’t Benidorm (a place I avoid!) by any means, a few buildings in Torrevieja reached above seven or eight storeys, the majority are much lower, but it was built up.  Clearly a Spanish working town, dependent on its salt industry and tourism.  Now, for the first time since leaving Alicante over half an hour ago I could finally see something that could be described as the ‘concrete jungle’ I had been so wrongly told covered the entire area!

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Dave and Bev Spanish Dream Properties

Dave and Bev Townsend have two homes, their main one in Norwich and a second home in Playa Flamenca in south Costa Blanca, Spain which they also let as a holiday rental www.house-by-the-pool.com   They run a property finding business offering a free service for those seeking to buy a property in the Costa Blanca (Alicante) or the Mar Menor area of the Costa Calida (Murcia) www.SpanishDreamProperty.com   Bev has family in Spain and they intend to move there full-time in a couple of years.