Moving Hoover The Basset Hound

Date Created: 14.02.2014

Moving Hoover The Basset Hound

Hoover the basset hound has his bag packed with life’s necessities: food, toys, and treats. Is he ready to relocate with his family to Brighton, England?

Not quite.

Pet importation is strictly regulated by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The UK also has brought its import procedures in line with the rest of the EU, so Hoover will need the ISO microchip used in EU countries.

Because he is moving from the US, here is what he needs to do:

He’ll need the microchip implanted, and a rabies vaccination afterward, at least 21 days prior to travel. The vaccination has to occur after the microchip. If it is administered before, it will have to be repeated after micro chipping.

His owners need to obtain an official Veterinary Health Certificate from his veterinarian, showing that all his vaccines are up to date. (If he were coming from another EU country, his owners would use the Pet Passport instead.)

Hoover also requires tapeworm treatment one to five days prior to arrival in the UK, with a precise record of this treatment noted in the Health Certificate.

Note that the US is on DEFRA’s "approved non-EU country list", and that different regulations apply to non-approved departure countries.

Of course, the family also has to arrange his travel through an approved transport company.

Good news for Hoover: Dogs entering the UK that comply with requirements are no longer subject to quarantine, as they were as recently as 2012. So he can join his family sooner, and they can explore their new home together.

They have been told that people in the UK have a passion for cats and dogs, and that they will often find a friendly cat sitting in a person’s driveway and see the many dog walkers on the seafront in Brighton.

Hope Hoover likes the new neighbours!

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