The Mobile Life Wins Gold!

Date Created: 19.09.2014

Six years ago, Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker met at a global mobility fair in the Netherlands. Over a glass of wine they discovered that they shared the belief that everyone can enjoy their mobile life if they have the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to consciously and proactively deal with the huge amounts of change involved in moving.

Two months later they decided to write a book together.

Working remotely, Anne in Amsterdam and Diane at first in The Hague and later in Lagos, Nigeria, they brought their experiences together to shape The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere. The book applies change management theory to the idea of moving to live elsewhere.

‘Moving a whole life from one place to another is overwhelming for many people,’ explains Diane. ‘We looked at why some people seem to take to international mobility so easily while others struggle. For us, the key is to break down the many aspects of our lives that change and help people see how they can influence and control each of those separate processes.

The book was published in November 2013 and already this summer it won the Gold Nonfiction Award 2014 presented by the Nonfiction Authors Association.

‘We make a great team,’ says Anne, ‘and that is part of the success of the book. Diane is a writer and I am a trainer so we both communicate with people in complementary ways. But more importantly, we are passionate about our approach to moving anywhere and that gives us the energy that I think the reader finds in the book.’

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Diane Lemieux  has spent a whole lifetime as an expat and sees moving to live in a new country as a life choice made by an increasing number of people. Those who successfully recreate a full and satisfying life in a new place develop the skills and approaches needed to deal with any change that life presents us.Her new book, The Mobile Life, co-written with Anne Parker, helps those who are undertaking this journey for the first time, and highlights the achievements of those who are experienced resettlers.