The Mobile Life Series Part II: Take a good look before you jump

Date Created: 24.04.2015

The Mobile Life Series

This blog series is based on work by writer Diane Lemieux and trainer Anne Parker in their book The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere.

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You surely have expectations of what it will be like to live at your destination. However, it is surprisingly easy to form unrealistic or inaccurate expectations about a place. Being realistic is important: it will allow you to plan for the challenges and minimise the disappointments you will face as well as prepare you to quickly take advantages of the opportunities available to you.

So how do you ‘keep it real’?

            1. Be aware of the biases imbedded in your sources. News reports tend to be negative and the one person you asked may have had a bad experience. For this reason it is best to use as wide a variety of sources as possible including, for example, expatriate websites, movies and novels from or set in your destination, as well as nationals of your future ‘home’ who currently live in your place of residence.

            2. Be aware that your attitude towards your move can act as a filter through which you create expectations. For example, if you are super enthusiastic and eager to move, you may ignore or downplay information that is negative and thus create an idealised vision.

            3. Be aware that your vision of your future life is affected by the quality of your current life. For example, it can be difficult to imagine the impact on your daily life of suddenly being unable to read street signs and product labels or where you do not know one single person.

            With the Internet today you can set up much of your life even before arrival. In preparing for your move, check that you are being ‘fair’ in your analysis – it will diminish the element of surprise upon arrival and allow you to hit the ground running.


Once you decide to move for yourself, what about the crew that will be travelling with you? Stay tuned for Part III: Hoi Captain! Where are we headed?


By: Diane Lemieux, 24th April 2015

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Diane Lemieux  has spent a whole lifetime as an expat and sees moving to live in a new country as a life choice made by an increasing number of people. Those who successfully recreate a full and satisfying life in a new place develop the skills and approaches needed to deal with any change that life presents us.Her new book, The Mobile Life, co-written with Anne Parker, helps those who are undertaking this journey for the first time, and highlights the achievements of those who are experienced resettlers.