Lost in Bohemia - Part 4

Date Created: 28.07.2014

We wanted most of the building work finished by May 8th but May 8th is a national holiday to celebrate 1945, the day the Germans left Prague.

Despite the holiday, Radka’s father managed to get some of his employees to work here and the well digging was completed, the cement work on the terrace was also finished. We found a landfill site and the employees shifted the soil and rock mountain from what was the car park and converted it back into a car park.

I was exhausted and looking forward to a rest and a few beers. Unfortunately the stones for the surface of the car park arrived at about 6pm and we all had to help spread the stones for hours.

The next day was opening day. We had visited everyone in Nežichov to invite them to the opening party. It seemed they all knew about it anyway and had invited themselves.

My previous partner for the B&B had managed, over the past couple of years, to pretty much fall out with the whole village and the locals had stopped coming here. Would they turn up at opening night?

The 9th May was also my birthday so I was having a joint birthday party with Vitek, a local hunter. Late in the afternoon the girls decided that I needed a haircut and Romana attacked me with some shears. I emerged from the bathroom looking like some Russian convict that had spent too long in a gulag!

At 5pm two locals walked in and asked for a beer (it appears that they had decided the party started a few hours early).

Eventually the whole village turned up and the pub was full, which was a big relief. Later we managed to get back someone who used to cook and run the bar " Robochef". Huge, covered in tattoos and works 24 hour shifts without blinking an eye.

The following Monday, Mr Š was still doing something with a pump in the cellar. It was 1pm and he was supposed to be here at 9am. He is often 6 or 7 hours late and is sometimes even a day late. He always apologises and throws his hands in the air to say "well, what can I do?".  I have given up being angry about it. We take it for granted he will be late beyond any sense of reasonableness.

In fact many people have suggested that I write a book about my experiences out here. I may do this as I have plenty of things to write about. I was trying to think of a good title and then it came to me, the book will be called "Waiting for Mr Š".

The lawyer came to visit on Sunday with his wife, mother and two children. He was shown around the hotel. He then called me from the kitchen and handed me a birthday present, Viagra!!  He then ordered a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red wine. I served these to him and found that something had been lost in translation. He wanted me to drink them as it was my birthday the weekend before. I did not want to offend him but I did have the mother of all hangovers from the night. Not sure what happened for the rest of that day.

The first weekend of trade was out of the way and Ronnie Corbett and Steptoe had finished the building in the cellar and were to build a couple of walls for me outside. It was a Monday afternoon and there were two men drinking in the pub next to me.

I was still trying to get my head around basic Czech and was told by one of the men here that the subject that most Czech students are likely to fail in school is Czech language. Great, what chance do I have?

To be continued...

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