Lost in Bohemia - Part 2

Date Created: 09.07.2014

The B&B was a company structure and I wanted to buy out my business partner. She needed to buy an apartment in Karlovy Vary nearby and so I went to Prague to see a lawyer, the brother of Radka’s father, to structure a sale agreement.

The lawyer was in his fifties, grey haired, rotund with a huge moustache. He obviously enjoyed life and partaking in a swift drink or two. We discussed my requirements with his partner who is also his wife. I then had to get some documents from Companies’ House in Prague and, upon my return, found Radka’s father and the lawyer in the pub, next to the office. They have been there for quite some time and look very refreshed.

We returned to the office and Radka needed to go to another office for a couple of hours and left me with the other two in the lawyers office. Neither of them spoke any English at all.

So out came three large two litre plastic bottles of white wine. The lawyer gave out the wine glasses and we started to drink. The wine was unbelievably good and I asked the lawyer (in a mixture of dreadful German and Czech) where he had obtained the wine. It appears that I did not need to know and he tapped his nose!

The lawyer explained that he had four businesses, including a farm and financial services company. All the time he was talking and laughing and the wine glasses were constantly refilled. It appeared to me that my Czech was improving, which was clearly an illusion.

He then threw a large shopping bag to me and I looked inside to find about 20 packets of Viagra. He laughed and pointed to his wife's office and said she was 22 years younger than him and that was the reason for the Viagra.

While drinking at an alarming rate, the lawyer explained that I needed to go to the public notary to allow the sale of shares to go through, this would normally take 3 weeks to arrange but could be done by within a few days.

I was about to ask how he had managed this and realised that again it was best not to ask.

While this was going on the student lawyer (from Khazakstan) was cutting a number of huge turkeys in half on the desk at reception. I was going to ask about this too, but decided that I did not need to know. When Radka eventually returned after 2 hours we had finished the wine and so it was time to go and we crawled into the car (an unimpressed Radka had to drive).

The following day I awoke to find that it had snowed heavily during the night which was going to make digging the trench to the well to lay the water pipes a nightmare. However, the day was going well and progress was good until I swung the pick axe and hit a rock, there was a searing pain in my right wrist. I had badly damaged a tendon in my wrist and could not use my right hand for four weeks. I was therefore reduced to light work and had to arrange for a local Czech man to do the digging.

I have also had help from a number of Radka’s friends- Romana, Lucie and Virka. God only knows what the locals thought as they saw me sitting down and watching the girls do all the hard labour in the garden!

We employed builders to convert the roofspace into an apartment for us to live in and to repair the walls, garden area and build an access point to the wine cellar. We also decided to build a pagoda on the terrace and grow ivy along it, as this would look great in the summer with wonderful views of the local valley.

We hoped to be in a position to open the B&B on my birthday, the 9th of May. I arranged a joint birthday party with Vitek, he was one of the local hunters and he offered to give me a dead pig, which was kind of him! The B&B was right in the middle of a hunting area and there are deer and moufflon all over the place.

The building work carried on slowly, but surely, and Radka and Romana finished spreading topsoil on the garden. Romana's boyfriend, Denis, arrived from Amsterdam and I did not see much of them for the next week. (Romana later moved to Amsterdam and so I was down a barmaid too!)

At the start of May it started snowing heavily yet again. Would we be ready to open by 9 May?


To be continued...

Chris is a UK expat from Formby near Liverpool, based permanently in the Czech Republic and married with two children. He is an independent financial adviser network Opes Fidelio- dealing predominately in pension transfer (fee based) advice and trusts for UK expats.

He lives' near Karlovy Vary out in the country - a town famous for its film festival and the filming of Casino Royale.

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