How to Find The Perfect Job Abroad

Date Created: 11.10.2013

When summer rolls around, maybe you’re thinking about the warm weather and beach season ahead – but others are thinking of something else.

How to find work abroad.

You probably have a ton of questions, like:

“How do I even find a job abroad?”

“Do I need to speak another language?”

“How do I get the proper documentation and visas or work permits?”

Well, there are several great organisations that help place you with work assignments (And sometimes take care of the visas and paperwork too!)

#1  Cultural Vistas

Cultural vistas is a matchmaking service that helps students (or workers) find work abroad or summer work.  They offer a combination of paid internships in Europe as well as unpaid work throughout South America.

Cultural vistas also provides the opportunity to participate in inbound programs in the United States (Global Career Launch, Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, International Visitor Leadership Programs & others), as well as outbound programs outside of the United States (the Cultural Vistas Fellowship, The Alfa Fellowship Program, as well as the EMGIP fellowship in Germany).

To learn more about cultural vistas, visit:


BUNAC is a service that allows American students to get work visas in other countries.  BUNAC charges a fee to help the student acquire a work visa and then sets up basic accommodations either for work or travel programs.  Available places for paid work include: Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Programs last anywhere from eight weeks to twelve months – for a summer program or an extended work stay – making it a feasible option for those looking to earn money while traveling.

To earn more about BUNAC, visit:

#3 Dave’s ESL Café

Dave’s ESL Café is a one-stop resource for finding English teaching jobs abroad.  Not only is a place for English teaching companies to meet with English teachers, it’s a great place to find information about certifications, teaching in other countries, as well as any other requirements you may need to know about.

Dave’s ESL Café also has a job board in dozens of countries where you can search for English teaching positions.  Teachers can get help with creating their lessons, while students can print or download English vocabulary or grammar lessons.  It’s a great resource if you’re looking to specifically focus on English teaching opportunities.

To learn more about ESL visit:

#4 Go Abroad

Go abroad is an international education and travel resource that  has several different types of options for students.

Not only does it include language programs and study abroad programs, they can help set you up with opportunities to volunteer abroad, go on eco-travel tours abroad, intern abroad or teach English abroad, and even provides you with resources for getting your TEFL certificates in order to get placed in a foreign country.

To learn more from Go Abroad visit:

#5 Idealist

Idealist is a platform that connects non-profit organisations with individuals around the world.  It organises event information, volunteer opportunities, jobs, and services and then gives the individual the option to sign up or get more information.

Through Idealist you can search through job or volunteer opportunities worldwide, start a project as a project organiser, get alerts on jobs or careers that interest you, or post job and work positions that are available in your current organisation.

To learn more from Idealist visit:





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