The Five Best Mobile Apps for Expats in 2013

Date Created: 02.12.2013

This weekend's New York Times ran a Travel section article about apps that can make travel easier. We’ve taken the travel theme a step further, and compiled a list of great apps for Business Traveller's & Expats:

The Five Best Mobile Apps for Business Traveller's & Expats in 2013!


We agree with the New York Times -- Uber is indispensable. Uber is an app that lets you find a car or taxi with the click of a button. Once your account information is saved in the system, you simply say that you are looking for a car, and Uber will use your smartphone’s built in GPS system so that the car can easily locate you. Another feature of the app is that you can watch in real time where your cab actually is, and how far it is from your destination. All of your driver’s information and arrival time will be texted to you, and you can easily get in contact with the driver if necessary.

Also no cash is exchanged and tipping is automatically included; the entire transaction is done via your Uber account.

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SitOrsquat is an app cleverly designed by Charmin with the express purpose of helping you find clean public restrooms throughout the world. The app has a built in rating feature, a visual map, and is regularly updated with live feedback from people all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom in the United States or Hungary SitOrSquat likely has it.

SitOrSquat is a great app to use when going on road trips, or even just going locally around a location you aren’t yet familiar with.

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Living Abroad’s BT App - Go4Biz

Living Abroad’s Go4Biz is the first of its kind a one-stop resource for business travellers that need instant access to country information in 170+ countries. Go4Biz is designed to give you information on transportation, culture, and business etiquette in your current destination. Unlike ordinary travel apps, Go4Biz gives you the information you might only get as a local. And that ensures that whether you’re abroad for business or as an expat, your mission is successful.

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Packing Pro

Packing Pro is an easy way to keep all your packing details organized, particularly if you have a family. Packing Pro helps you organize your trip, and plan your essentials such as clothing and accessories. It then organizes your packing based on the trip, or a date. For example, you can use the app to plan multiple arrangements and trips a Disneyland trip, an expat assignment, or just a weekend getaway all in one place. Packing Pro has won several awards, and has been featured in National Geographic, BBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and other publications.

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Smart Traveler

The U.S. Department of State "Smart Traveler" App gives you access to the latest up-to-date immigration and travel information provided by the US Government. The app also provides you with frequent updates to official country information, travel advisories and alerts, maps, U.S. Embassy locations, and much more.

For more information on individual countries, check out the U.S. Dept. of State website here:

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