Expatriate Research Project

Date Created: 17.01.2014

Leuphana University, located in Lüneburg, Germany, is one of the most reputable and famous of the universities in Niedersachsen. Leuphana places particular attention on students' responsibility, curiosity and initiative, making these three basic principles form the central thread that guides its activities. The University invites motivated and committed students to this workshop, looking for individuals who want to become active and are willing to stake out a position on behalf of their convictions.

Leuphana’s pursuit of knowledge is focused on the central issues of "civil society". It has a staff of 160 professors and 400 academics explore novel trans- and interdisciplinary approaches in their studies. Research culture at Leuphana encourages to build bridges between research and society and supports young scientists in taking their first career steps and it is thank to its support that we are developing a questionnaire about the "expatriate and repatriate" topic.

Research focuses on:

  • The factors that hinder and facilitate the transfer of the kind of knowledge and awareness that companies may gain from their expatriate experiences upon re-entry;
  • The companies’ capability to utilize repatriate knowledge as competitive advantage.

In fact, the main issue is that firms generally have not strategically reintegrated this kind of knowledge into their operations, losing this invaluable and sometimes intangible resource.

Professor Jürgen Deller is leading the project, collaborating with many other important universities spread all over the world, such as California State University San Marcos, USA, Korea University Seoul, Korea, San José State University, USA and University of Houston, USA, University of Sydney, Australia.

We would like to invite people that have maturated this kind of experience to participate in our multi-country research project to share their expertise with us.

Please consider contributing your wealth of knowledge by answering the questions available by this link:


Feel free to contact our professor Dr. Jürgen Deller; he will be available for any further information that you might need: deller@uni.leuphana.de.

Thank you for your attention!