Entrepreneuring Pupils Help Fund BSME Games

Date Created: 21.03.2014

Over the past few weeks the pupils of Years 5 and 6 Brighton College Abu Dhabi have been focusing on their entrepreneurship skills to fundraise for the upcoming British Schools in the Middle East Games which begin on Thursday 20th March 2014. Pupils have been helped by some parents and have been busy making items to sell and raise money for the fantastic event. Their creative thinking has helped them to organise and create a whole range of things, from crafts and competitions, to cookies and cakes.

Students sold over 350 wrist band bracelets, and also raised an amazing 500 AED by holding a bake sale on their compound. Another bake sale was organized by parents at school. T-shirts were produced and sold at the PrepSchool sports day as well. More entrepreneurial talent alongside the ability to successfully organise and manage an important event, was shown by a pupil production of “Brighton’s Got Talent” to raise even more money for the Games.

Brighton College also hosted a raffle, with the first prize of 2 business class tickets to one of Etihad’s online destinations. 2 economy class tickets were be awarded for the second place prize, followed by a two night stay at the Shangri – La Hotel Abu Dhabi, and finally a Manchester City football club shirt to follow.

Whilst the games, which run from March 19th to March 22nd, are a springboard to promote team building, cooperation, confidence and a wider community, a key element to the triumph of the games is the effort and skill the children put in behind the scenes. These weeks of fundraising and collaboration have taught Brighton College pupils about business, creative thinking and team work. The students have learnt how to apply these skills in the real world, giving them vital experience for later in life. It also encourages children who are not taking part in the events, and their families, the opportunity to take an active role in their success through attending fundraising events.

Overall, these enterprising activities have contributed enormously to the feeling of excitement and anticipation in the lead up to the BSME games. Well done to everyone who participated and let the games begin!

Katherine White
Brighton College Abu Dhabi