Digital Life For The Expat Wife - Part 9

Date Created: 14.12.2015


Start A Digital Income As An Expat. It’s Like Riding A Bike


Apparently, making money from the internet is like riding a bike without training wheels.

At the beginning, you don't know where to put and what to do with your hands and legs, and you are totally out of balance.

But then, after practicing enough, you start to understand how it's working. How to position your hands and legs right to keep balance, and before you notice, you are riding, all by yourself, around your house and neighborhood.

These skills that you just learn, have opened tons of opportunities for you.

Now you can travel by yourself, you can go to school by bike, you have the ultimate freedom to go wherever you like on your bike.

Creating a successful digital online business, is no different.

You need to learn the skills, to gain the right education and then, after trial and error and 'out of balance' times, you can do it.

It's not a privilege that deserves and can handle just by technical people. Not at all.

If I can do, everyone can.


So, if you are interested in learning the new skills of how to do online marketing, you can create a long-term-freedom for yourself and family.

Exactly like riding a bike.

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